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January 2014
Wishing a Very Happy New Year to all our visitors.
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Courtesy of YouTube channel jessynichols297, this video is a lovely celebration of
our North-West and L.S.Lowry's work. Featuring some of Lowry's "Matchstalk Men"
paintings and the 1978 hit single by Manchester-born duo, Michael Colman & Brian Burke, who were inspired by Lowry's work.

More at Smith Chat about  >>L.S.Lowry, born 1887 South Manchester>>


There are only two
lasting bequests

we can give

our children,
one is roots;

the other, wings.



Image snippets, from old school photographs made available
for use in the
Cotton Town Digitisation Project.

Left: Samlesbury School, Lancashire
provided by
Blackburn w Darwen Bor.Council.

Below: Blackamoor School,

provided by
Lancashire Telegraph.



 Please support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
Watch this beautifully haunting rendition of Sophie's story.
The aim of the film is to raise awareness of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and generate funds to help educate young people about tolerance.