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Economist and Philosopher

Baptised 5th June 1723
in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

His father, a customs officer died the same year as Adam’s birth, 1723.
Adam was raised by his mother, Margaret Douglas, and guardians appointed in his fathers will.

Studied at the University of Glasgow until 1740. Later returned for appointment as a Professor at the same University.

"Virtue is more to be
than vice,
because its
are not subject to
regulation of conscience.

         — Adam Smith

died in Edinburgh
17 July 1790
(aged 67)
His portrait is embedded on
current British £20 notes.

* Biography by Robert Falkner 
Adam Smith, Philosopher
Wealth of Nations, A.Smith 1776


14 Nov 2012 -   In view of the distressing nature of recent allegations against the late Sir C.Smith, former Rochdale MP,  this entry has been removed.




Delia Smith
Cookery Writer & TV Chef

Born 18 June 1941
in Woking, Surrey.
dau of Harold Bartlett Smith and Etty Jones Lewis.
Married 1971 in Stowmarket, Suffolk, to Michael Wynn Jones.
Career as Cookery Writer began in 1969 The Mirror Magazine; 1972-85 Evening Standard. Since 1971 - nearly 30 Cookery Books published.
Some of Delia's Book covers
Delia Smith Cookery Books 
1973 TV career began with the BBC. First popular series "Family Fare", followed by several more series.
Queens Honours:
Awarded OBE
Officer of the Order of the British Empire)
2009: Awarded MBE
(Member of the Order of the British Empire)
* Delia Online
* Delia Smith Biography
"Dodie" Dorothy Gladys SMITH
Dodie Smith
Novelist and Playwright
Born 3rd May 1896
in Whitefield, near Bury, Lancashire, as
Dorothy Gladys Smith.
Dau of Ernest Smith and
Ella Furber.
Moved to Manchester at age 2 & grew up in Old Trafford.

Dodie's Children's & Adult literature, includes her famous "101 Dalmations". Released as an animated film by Walt Disney in 1961.
Trafford Council's Plaque at
609 Stretford Road, Old Trafford, Dodie's childhood home

"It was so quiet and semi-rural that the corncrake could still be heard"

Dodie's 4-part Autobiography:
Look Back with Love:
a Manchester Childhood(1974)
Look Back with Mixed Feeling(1978)
Look Back with Astonishment(1979)
Look Back with Gratitude(1985)
Died 24 November 1990 Uttlesford, Essex (aged 94)
* Manchester Eve News > Honour for Dodie
* Wikipaedia page
* The WeeWeb > Author Profile
Captain Edward John SMITH (1850-1912)
Captain Edward John Smith of the Titanic
Naval reserve officer & ship's captain, RD, RNR
Born 1850 in Hanley,
son of Edward Smith and Catherine Hancock

Married 1887
Sarah Eleanor.Pennington at
Winwick. Nr Warrington, Lancashire.

Their daughter Helen Melville Smith born 1898 in Waterloo, Liverpool, where they lived for many years.

In 1880, Captain Smith joined the White Star Shipping Line in Liverpool as the Fourth Officer of the "Celtic".

By the time he took command of RMS Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912, he had built a reputation as one of the world's most experienced sea captains.


Captain Smith, RMS Titanic.
lost/died at sea
15 April 1912

* My Titanic by Gary Keeling 
My Warrington
* Wikipaedia page

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