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Member IDs: 14-IMC to 16-JNA

Column 1:  ID.14-IMC

Column 2:  14-IMC-cont - 15-ANC - 16-JNA

ID: 14-IMC
Town/s of Interest:

East Lancashire - Blackburn

Researcher: Ian MNulty
Location: Denmark
Email: mcnulty [at] mail.tele.dk
Smith Chat Forums Username: -
Online Office Pigeon-hole: 14-imc
Submitted: 2005/recompiled 2012
Summary of Interests/Message
Generation No 1:  
JAMES(1) SMITH died Unknown 
According to 1870 marr cert of his son
James,he was a brewer. 1881census-?? 
Child of JAMES(1) SMITH is...............

Generation No. 2 
JAMES(2) SMITH - [son of JAMES(1)]
b. Abt. 1850, Blackburn, Married: 25 Dec 1870 Blackburn

Information from Marriage Certificate ...........
James, a printer, 21 living in Cauning(?)St,
presumably Blackburn.
m: Esther Caton, 21, weaver, Kay Street.
No father recorded 
More Notes re Esther Caton
[wife of James(2)]
Birth Cert b:21 Dec 1849,
3 Smith Row, Lancaster,
No father recorded, Mother Sarah Caton.
Esther Caton Bptsm:10 Feb 1850,
St Mary,Lancaster.
1861 Census 12 Cannon St.B'burn. 

Esther,11,cotton winder, living with mother,     
A witness at marriage of James(2)
& Esther Caton was: Sandford Carus,
Esther's half-brother
(her Mother's 2nd husband's son) 
More Notes for James SMITH (2)
1871cens: 21 Butler St, B'burn :
James aged 21,married.
Occ: lithographic printer
Esther age 21 no occupation. 

1880 January - son Walter born:
32 St.Paul St, B'burn:
Father James, Occ: lithographic printer,
& Esther 

1881 census:
32 St.Pauls St, B'burn (off Montague St)
James aged 30, Lithographic printer.
Wife Esther age 31 CottonWeaver.
5 kids & Esther's mother also in house.

1891 census:
23 Montague St, B'burn:
James & Esther;
lodger with them - Bessie Jones aged 22

1895: Marr Certificate of son James.
Address - 23, Montague St.
Father : James, occupation=printer  

1901 census: 21 Montague St, B'burn.
James age 50 Occ: lithographer;
Esther age 51, & 3 kids  
Children of
and ESTHER (nee CATON) are:

i.ANNIE(3) SMITH b Abt 1871 Blackburn
1881 census age9;
1891 census age19 living with parents.

3 ii.JAMES SMITH b:Abt 1873 Blackburn;
d:1965, Blackburn.

b. Abt. 1875, Blackburn.
1881 census age 5;
1891 census age15 living with parents.
1901 census age 25, Cotton weaver.
Not married. living with parents
21 Montague Street, Blackburn.
iv. HERBERT SMITH, b. Abt. 1877 Blackburn. 
1881  census age 3;
1891  census age 13 living with parents.
1901  census age 23, living at Royal Hotel,
Adelaide Place, Blackpool.
Occ: Cellar Vaultsman. Unmarried.
Possible GRO birth refs Dec 1877 8e/408
or Dec 1877 8e/353, Sep 1876 8e/49X
v. WALTER SMITH, b .02 Jan 1880, Blackburn
1881 census age 1;
1891 census age 11 living with parents.
1901 census age 21
Occ: mechanic. Unmarried,
living with parents,
21 Montague St,B'burn.
Possible birth refs Mar 1879 8e/471
or Sep 1880 8e/358
vi. WILLIAM SMITH, b.Abt 1881,Blackburn. d.Unknown. 
1891 census age 9 living with parents;
1901 census age 19 Occ: sadler. Unmarried,  living with parents,
Montague St, B'burn.  
Generation No 3
JAMES(3) SMITH [ son of JAMES(2) ]
born : Abt 1873, Blackburn;
died 1965 Blackburn. 
Marr: 25 Dec 1895 in Blackburn :
Christmas Day in the Parish Church -
any significance?

Information from Marriage Certificate ...........
James age 22, Occ: weaver,
Living at 23 Montague St, B'burn.
Father: James Smith, printer 
m: Ann E. H. Anderton, 19
[Ann Elizabeth Howson Anderton]
Occ: weaver, 61 Alton St, B'burn. 
Albert Howson Anderton
More Notes for James SMITH (3)
1891 census age 18, living with parents.
1901 census age 28,cotton cloth looker
& Ann age 25; 52 Fielden St.,B'burn.  
Lived during marriage at
42 Blackburn Street, Blackburn.
Died at the same address at 92 yrs old. 
Memories about James SMITH(3)
Margaret Robinson (born 1941) can remember James Smith. Also remembers him dying when she was approx 14/15 yrs old i.e.1955/6
James (3) worked as an overlooker (inspector) at Swallow Street mill. Swallow Street was where Swallow Drive now is (off Whalley Range - SE side).
Mill demolished to make way for housing and school.
According to Annie Entwistle he used to run home to Blackburn St for lunch every day. His wife Ann was in a wheelchair when she died. 
More Notes re: Ann E.H.Anderton
[wife of James(3)]
Born Betwn Apr-Jun 1876 in Blackburn.
died Abt 1950
1881 census age 5, 51 Ainsworth St, Blackburn.

Ann died before 1941, aged about 72. Was in wheelchair suffering from arthritis from age of 38 (c.1914)

[Annie Entwistle remembers there being an Anderton's carpet shop on Lord Street, B'burn (or Market Place)]
Children of JAMES SMITH (3)
and ANN (nee ANDERTON) 

b. Bet.Jul-Sep1896, Blackburn 
Married PRUDENCE. 
1901 census age 4.
Address - 52 Fielden St., B'burn. 

>> Continued in Column 2 >>

ID: 14-IMC continued from Column 1
Children of James Smith(3) and Ann (nee Anderton  - continued:

James (4) Howson SMITH later was a professional ventriloquist & lived in Blackpool.

b.02 Sep 1900, Blackburn;
d.1987 LarkHill, Blackburn. 
b.Bet.Oct-Dec1904 Blackburn.  
Married DOLLY 
Twin to Walter.
Lived in St.James's Rd Blackburn when married. 
b.Bet.Oct-Dec1904 Blackburn
Generation No. 4  
EVELINE SMITH(4) [dau of JAMES(3)]
born 02 Sep 1900 Blackburn,
died 1987 in LarkHill, Blackburn.  
1901 census age 1,
52 Fielden St., B'burn. with parents. 
Abt.1917 Blackburn 
Abt.1972 in Blackburn.
He died Abt. 1986 
Notes about Joseph Entwistle
[first husband of EVELINE SMITH(4)] 
b.18 Mar 1901 Blackburn,
& died Abt.1966 Blackburn.
Son of Joseph Entwistle & Emily
Parkinson. Family came from Darwen. Lived in Whalley Range before married - certainly in 1925. When married lived in Brookfield Street then Inkerman Street, Blackburn. 
According to Annie Entwistle he worked at Blackburn (Fountain) Yarn Dyers, Carluke St. (Greenbank area of B'Burn).
Ian McNulty remembers being in the house in Inkerman Street with him there - so died 1966/7 ish. Died aged around 65? 

b. 19 Dec1918 Blackburn. Marr: 15 Mar 1941
Altham Street Methodist Church;
m.LESLIE ROBINSON  (b 24 Sep1914). 
Annie Entwistle (nee Smith) remembers a Mr. McLellan come to visit every Saturday at around 6pm whilst she lived in 133 Whalley Range
(after marriage to Leslie Robinson - married March 1941). Apparently he was very old, walked with a stick, had a white beard. Lived in Carr Street immediately after marriage. 
Notes for Leslie Robinson 
Lived in 133 Whalley Range,
then Carr St (B'burn),
then Hodder Street(B'burn),
then Progress Ave. (Little Harwood) 
b. Abt. 1920; d. Abt. 2002;
son of JAMES(3)
b Bet Oct-Dec 1904 Blackburn. 
Twin to Howson.
Married BELLE???
Lived at Audley, Blackburn when married

Child of
Lived in St. James Rd, Blackburn 
Other researchers - Any data or other info
about the above family? >> please share it >>
ID: 15-ANC
Town/s of Interest:

South-East Lancs - Burrs; Bury

Researcher: Ann, 
Location: Colorado USA 
Email: wordswild [at] worldnet.att.net
Smith Chat Forums Username: -
Online Office Pigeon-hole: 15-anc
Interests submitted: 2005/recompiled 2012
Summary of Interests/Message
Matthew Smith, born circa 1802 in Bury,
and his descendants,
especially son Ralph,
his son Matthew Whitworth Smith,
and his son William Smith (1878-1949)
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ID: 16-JNA
Town/s of Interest:

W.R.Yorks - Batley

Researcher: John Anstey,
Location: Annan, Scotland
Email: John.anstey [at] butterdales.plus.com
Smith Chat Forums Username: -
Online Office Pigeon-hole: 16-jna
submitted: 2005 /recompiled 2012
Summary of Interests/Message 
My branch starts, so far, with John William SMITH born, Batley in 1846.
In Dec 1868 he married Martha SYKES.
They had 8 children.
In 1881 they were living in King Street, Batley.
Minnie, Sarah Jane, Mary & Wm Henry were all there.

In 1891 the family was living at
14 Holland Street, Batley.
Minnie, Sarah J, Mary E, William H, Jim, Bessie and Eveline were all still living at home.
John was working as a woollen spinner.

In 1901 living at 23 Spa Street, Batley.
At that time John William was unemployed.
William Henry F, Jim, Bessie & Eveline
were still at home.
Martha Smith's funeral notice states that John was an employee of M Sheards Hick Lane Mills for 40 years until his death in 1913.
Other researchers - Any data or other info
about the above family? >> please share it >>
Batley's old Parish Church of All Saints
External website links for History and more images of Batley Parish Church:-

>>> maggieblanck.com
>>> batleyparishchurch.org

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